Diablo Flooring is San Francisco / Bay Area’s  STAINMASTER® Carpet  retailer where you’ll find the unsurpassed quality of STAINMASTER® Carpet. That’s why we’ve rolled out the carpet in every color, style, and texture you can imagine. Every day, families just like yours fall in love with their STAINMASTER® Brand. Find out why they love their carpet, for its beauty and beyond. From its technology to durability to warranties, here’s everything you’ll need to know about this trusted carpet.

Beauty and Performance

STAINMASTER® Carpet features the innovative stain and soil technology that defines its name. With a special soil-repelling technology, the carpet fibers actually push dirt and spills away. We know spills happen, but stains don’t have to. That’s why this quality carpet stays clean and fresh and is easy to maintain.

By mimicking the lotus leaf’s ability to prevent soil particles from sticking to its surface, STAINMASTER® carpet’s specially-designed LotusFX™ Fiber Shield technology makes it difficult for soil to stick to the carpet fibers.

Plus, most liquid spills bead up on the carpet fiber’s surface, making it difficult for them to penetrate. This makes STAINMASTER® Carpet easy to clean because spills stay on the surface of the carpet and are easily dabbed up in seconds. Engineered to retain their original appearance, tufts in this carpet will hold their attractive shape and won’t burst, bloom, open, or lose their twist. That’s ideal for households with lots of busy little feet.

STAINMASTER® Brand Warranties

With STAINMASTER® Carpet, the higher the grade, the more comprehensive its limited warranty will be. A Lowe’s In-Store Flooring Specialist will explain the various provisions of your carpet’s warranty. In general, the following terms will apply:

TruSoft™ Active Family™ SolarMax™ Essentials™
Food & Beverage Stains Lifetime* Lifetime* Lifetime* Lifetime*
Pet Urine Lifetime* Lifetime* Lifetime* Lifetime*
Soil Lifetime* Lifetime* Lifetime* Lifetime*
Texture Retention 20 years** 20 years** 20 years** 10 years**
Abrasive Wear 20 years** 20 years** 20 years** 10 years**
Fade (Solarmax™) N/A N/A 25 years N/A
Anti-Static Lifetime* Lifetime* Lifetime* Lifetime*
Stairs Included Included Included N/A
Satisfaction Replacement 90-Day 90-Day 90-Day 90-Day


* Throughout this limited lifetime brochure, INVISTA defines lifetime carpet coverage as the life of the carpet, which begins on the date of purchase. Some proration may apply to limited lifetime warranties. Labor costs may not be included. See the following pages in this warranty brochure for complete details. Warranty details are also available on or by calling 1-800-438-7668.

** The above listed limited warranties will be extended to the longer period stated if STAINMASTER® carpet cushion is purchased at the same time as a particular brand of STAINMASTER® carpet and is installed under the STAINMASTER® carpet.


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