Enzo DeOliveira
Enzo DeOliveira
15:40 29 Sep 17
An excellent company to work with - great service, quality and price! The staff is amazing to work with. Could not be happier with our floors!
Shelley Sirmans
Shelley Sirmans
13:49 26 Jul 17
New carpet installed yesterday by Diablo Flooring....we LOVE it. Thanks so much for such an awesome experience. Dave came to our house to measure, we ordered, then the amazing installing team arrived and were in and out within 3.5 hours. It's beautiful. Thanks
Kelly Nixx
Kelly Nixx
12:43 02 Jul 17
If I could give higher than five stars I would. Diablo Flooring did incredible work! They worked within my time frame and even finished quicker than originally quoted. The hardwood floors look amazing. Everyone who comes to my house is asking me about them and who did them. They were the most reasonable of three bids by $1000. The whole crew was incredibly professional and did wonderful work.
Larry Hrubesh
Larry Hrubesh
04:55 29 Jun 17
Entirely pleased with the entire experience with Diablo Flooring - start to finish. The flooring products are excellent quality and the installation went especially well. We will recommend Diablo Flooring to others.
Paula Meo
Paula Meo
23:40 26 Apr 17
Diablo Flooring has been wonderful in all aspects, I have been a returnee doing business with them over and over. I like Brian, Dave, they are wonderful, they are honest, tell you exactly what needs to be done, no surprises. The installation team are great as well, they were courteous,kept everything clean after the job was done, and the best, the product looked amazing to perfection. I will go back over and over again. Thank you team for being timely in all aspects whether it was getting the product timely and the installation.
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Diablo Flooring is committed to your satisfaction. Your one year installation warranty is our guarantee that we stand behind our service. The warranty applies only to flooring installed by our certified California carpet and flooring installer. If at anytime you should encounter a problem with your new flooring please contact your salesperson, or email us at:


Proper care is essential to protect the value of your investment. The following are general guidelines when caring for your new floor. Please refer to the manufacturer for specific care instructions.

Wood Care Instructions
  • Routine dusting is the best method of cleaning.
  • Never use a wet mop! Only a professional wood cleaning product should be used. Do not use ammonia or other floor cleaning products as they can damage the floors finish.
  • Wipe up spills as soon as possible and keep damp items off of the floor.
  • When vacuuming wood floors be sure to have a soft brush attachment, this will prevent scratches from appearing.
  • Prolonged sunlight exposure can cause fading. Window coverings can assist in preventing sun faded floors.
  • Place protector pads on furniture legs,especially on chairs that are used often and tend to move around.
Wool Care Instructions
  • Vacuuming is the best way to remove everyday dust and dirt. In the first year we recommend you vacuum at least twice a week to remove the excess fuzz that accumulates on the surface. The fuzzing is normal and in no way shortens the life of the rug. It is the result of loose fibers created during the weaving process.
  • Remove spills immediately with a clean dry cloth, blot but do not rub. If a cleaning solution is necessary, only use a product specified for wool.
  • Do not use “Oxy” cleaners, they should be avoided and can damage the wool fibers.
  • Steam clean when necessary. This method is most effective when performed by a professional.
Synthetic / Nylon Care Instructions
  • Synthetic fibers are easy to keep clean, and they can handle high traffic and soiling well.
  • Vacuum often to remove dust and dirt particles.
  • Clean spills up immediately by using a clean dry cloth, blot and do not rub.
Natural Fibers Care Instructions
  • Do not steam clean or wet-shampoo.
  • Spills need immediate attention, blot excess moisture with a clean dry cloth.
  • Vacuum frequently as dirt and dust can become trapped in the fibers.
  • Use entrance mats outside the entrances to trap soil before it can be tracked into your home.
Vinyl / Linoleum Care Instructions
  • Sweep floors regularly to keep abrasive soil off the surface.
  • Spills should be cleaned up immediately to avoid staining.
  • Vacuum regularly with a soft brush attachment to avoid scratching.
  • Warm water alone can clean a vinyl floor. If you choose to use a cleanser make sure it is recommended for your specific flooring.
Silk Care Instructions
  • Dry clean only.
  • Don’t do it yourself
  • Do-it-yourself rug shampooers or “steam” cleaning machines usually do more harm than good.
  • First, they leave most of the dirt and residue behind. Secondly, the machine leaves detergent residue in addition to the soil that was already there.
  • Do-it-yourself “steam” cleaning machines can cause serious and permanent damage from over wetting

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