Pleasanton, CA – Your Local Boutique Carpet & Floor Store

Our soft-sell approach is to listen to your objectives and help you make the best carpet and flooring choices. Let your creativity and personal preferences guide you. Take samples of your favorites to show your family or your client in their intended environment. Take your time. Diablo Flooring,Inc will provide you with as much support as you need throughout the process, so bring your excitement and enthusiasm; we know you’ll be thrilled with the end result.

Others may match or beat our price. But others will never be able to match our expertise, our selection and our commitment to providing our customers the best value on every product we sell and install.  The home furnishings industry is not known for its state of the art training, its customer friendly sales or even its fast and professional installation.

Personally, I believe that the reason Diablo Flooring,Inc  is successful is that we work nonstop at delivering what our competitors can’t. Anyone can lower their price in order to steal a sale. However, to understand exactly what you are selling requires that you invest the time to learn about the products you offer and the proper setting to use them. It requires passing that knowledge on to the customer so that they have the proper expectations for how that product will perform in their home or business.  It requires taking the time to understand what the customer is looking for and more importantly what they expect. How can you deliver that if you don’t understand the product or don’t take the time to listen to the customer about his or her personal situation? The answer is you can’t.

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