At Monarch Plank they create the finest handcrafted wide-plank hardwood flooring, finished with the latest European coloring and texturing techniques. Their floors feature top-quality construction for superior stability, sawn top layers, and long length boards.
All of their Oak floors are made with Western European Oak, which they believe provides the best canvas for creating beautiful floors. They believe that American and Russian Oak simply cannot compare to the fine grain structure and color of true European Oak.

Monarch Plank Prefinished Engineered Flooring – in a variety of collections and price levels, stocked and ready for shipment.

Monarch Plank Artisan’s Preferred Unfinished Engineered Flooring – favored by craftsmen who choose to finish their own flooring. Featuring a marine-grade Birch plywood substrate and thick, sawn top layers in European Oak, Walnut and Hickory. Get all the longevity of solid wood flooring with superior stability. There is no finer unfinished wood flooring on the market.

Monarch Plank ‘Finished-to-Order’ Prefinished Engineered Flooring – finished in their California factory using their Artisan’s Preferred unfinished platform. Choose from one of their gorgeous standard offerings, or create your own custom floor. Let your imagination be our guide.
Custom Parquet – patterns that bring old world elegance into the most discerning spaces.
Matching Moldings – including stair treads, to ensure that every last detail of your floor is complete.

The BOULEVARD collection showcases an unparalleled level of artistry in wood flooring. Each French Oak plank is meticulously hand-textured and hand-colored using techniques imparted to our craftsmen through an extensive five-year training under a world-renowned Dutch finisher. Named after the historic Boulevards of Paris, each color is a symphony of subtle variation, texture and pattern – exquisite beauty that only hand workmanship can offer.
5/8″ thick | 8-5/8″ wide | 86-5/8″ long | 4 mm Sawn Top Layer | Rustic Grade | Hardwood Plywood Backing | Urethane Finish

In addition to the standard 8-5/8” wide plank, the Boulevard Collection is available by special order in these formats:
-Herringbone pattern, 5/8” thick (4mm top layer) x 4-3/4” wide x 23-3/4” long
-Ultra-wide/long planks, ¾” thick (6mm top layer) x 13-3/8” wide x 13’ long

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The DOMAINE collection named for the forests of France that have been managed for centuries to provide the best quality European Oak, these heavily constructed, consistently long-length floors have the same sanding surface as solid wood floors and will last for generations to come. Featuring a durable German UV Oil finish, the Domaine collection is beauty without compromise, with a range of gorgeous colors created through smoking and advanced ‘active’ stain technologies.
3/4″ thick | 9-1/2” wide | 8’ long | 6mm Sawn Top Layer | Rustic Grade | Hardwood Lumber Backing | UV Oil Finish
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The FORTE collection features thick construction and classic, timeless colors that will never go out of style. The unparalleled quality of these floors make them a rock solid investment for any home. Coated in UV-cured oil, the Forte Collection includes options in Smoked French Oak, Hickory, Walnut, and Prime Grade (virtually knot-free) French Oak.
3/4″ thick | 8″ wide | 5 mm Sawn Top Layer | 2′ – 8′ or 2′ – 10′ random lengths | Prime or Rustic Grade | Birch Plywood Backing | UV Oil Finish
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The LA RUE collection , sibling to the Boulevard collection, is similarly exceptional, but with wider planks, and machine-brushed texturing. Like Boulevard, the La Rue colors are achieved by hand through ‘active’ stain technologies that create complex, layered effects on genuine French Oak. These colors remind us of the floors we might find in the 18th Century Paris apartments that line the streets that are their namesakes.
5/8″ thick | 9-1/2″ wide | 74-3/4″ long | 4 mm Sawn Top Layer | Rustic Grade | Hardwood Plywood Backing | UV Oil Finish
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The LAGO collection ’s timeless colors blend well with anything from Mediterranean to ultra-modern design, offering old world elegance at a price that defies its regal look. These floors feature an ultra low-gloss urethane finish that provides the look of an oil finish, with simpler maintenance.
9/16″ thick | 7” wide | 2’ – 6’ random lengths | 3 mm Sawn Top Layer | Rustic Grade | Hardwood Plywood Backing | UV Urethane Finish
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The NAVONA collection offers European styling that is at once cutting edge and timeless, with colors created through ‘active’ stains developed by world-renowned wood scientists in Belgium. The subtle beauty of these colors must be seen up close to be truly appreciated – traditional stained floors simply can’t compare. The Navona collection features long length planks and a low-maintenance, ultra-matte urethane coating that mimics the look of an oiled floor.
9/16″ thick | 7-1/2” or 9-1/2” wide | 8’ long | 3.5mm Sawn Top Layer | Rustic Grade | Hardwood Lumber Backing | UV Urethane Finish View products in the NAVONA collection

The STORIA II collection brings the wide-plank, long length floors of Europe to America at a surprising value. Finished with a durable UV-cured oil, the colors of this collection evoke the beautiful towns of Italy that are their namesakes. With genuine French Oak, top quality plywood backing, Danish finish, and planks up to 8’ long, Storia II looks and feels like a floor that typically cost much more.

1/2″ thick | 7″ wide | 2’ – 8’ random lengths | 2 mm Sawn Top Layer | Prime or Rustic Grade | European Birch Plywood Backing | UV Oil Finish
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The WINDSOR collection is inspired by the British Royal Forests – sources of pride and inspiration, a legacy for all to enjoy. Finished in a range of classical colors topped by a low-maintenance matte urethane finish, Windsor offers long-length floors with European styling at a surprising value.
9/16″ thick | 7-1/2” wide | 8’ long | 3.5mm Sawn Top Layer | Rustic Grade | Hardwood Lumber Backing | UV Urethane Finish
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