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Don’t Worry. It’s SmartStrand®

SmartStrand is the ONLY carpet with built-in stain and soil resistance that will NEVER wear or wash off.

  • Superior durability and softness for peace of mind and comfort
  • Lifetime stain and soil resistance that’s built in, not sprayed on
  • Protection that will never wear or wash off like other carpets
  • Easy to clean with water or mild detergent
  • Environmentally friendly, because it’s made in part from renewable resources

No wonder SmartStrand is rated #1 in customer satisfaction!

We are an authorized Mohawk Carpet retailer.  If you have any questions regarding any of the Mohawk products, please visit one of our showrooms or call our customer service professionals – (925)426-RUGS ( 7847)


SmartStrand Fashionable

 Good for the environment…Great for You!

Introducing SmartStrand® featuring DuPont Sorona® renewable sourced polymer. A new generation of carpet innovation and technology.

Karastan makes it easier and more fashionable to live green with a new generation of carpet fibers made from corn based polymers.

This polymer is called DuPont™ Sorona® renewably sourced polymer and it is as good for the environment as it is for you. It is also an important ingredient in Karastan’s SmartStrand® – a remarkably stain resistant, durable, soft, beautiful, long lasting and earth friendly carpet fiber. These smart attributes are even more brilliant when you consider that 37% of the Sorona® polymer comes from renewable resources instead of the more limited petroleum based ingredients in most other carpets.

Styled for Today

By utilizing renewable ingredients that can be infinitely replaced – like corn – Karastan is able to create beautiful carpets, while preserving the earth’s nonrenewable resources for future generations.

For every 7 yards of SmartStrand® with DuPont Sorona®, renewably sourced polymer purchased, enough energy is saved to equal one gallon of gasoline.

The production of the Sorona® polymer requires 30% less energy.

The production of DuPont™ Sorona® renewably sourced polymer also reduces CO2 emissions by 63% over the production of an equal amount of nylon 6.


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