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It’s thumbs up all around for Revue modular, the latest addition to Invision’s Drama Collection. Revue’s softened geometrics, composed from both matte and high-luster yarns, become a canvas to shape interior spaces.


Revue is available in 10 colors in a gentle pattern that infuses movement and blends from tile to tile without concern of repeat, even within a wide array of installation methods. It creates a fluid transition throughout any space.


Revue features boucle, a performance-minded novelty yarn. Crafted using at least two yarns, boucle is created by adjusting tensions during plying to create loops ranging from tiny circlets to larger curls. The final Revue pattern results in a subtle grid with a flowing ombre that is reminiscent of couture fashion.


It is manufactured using a combination of solution dyed and spaced dyed nylon featuring J+J’s ColorLoc® Plus Stain Resistant Technology- allowing most stains to be cleaned with only water. Revue is NSF-140 Platinum certified and is backed using J+J’s eKo® PVC-free modular backing.  eKo contains recycled content and is closed-loop recyclable.


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