My life has been touched and blessed by many events, places, and most of all the love and tenderness of people that have entered into it. The years have passed and I’m proud to say that many of those very same people have never faltered in their love, compassion, support, and overall character! WOW! It’s almost eerie that these people even exist, but the truth is, they do, and they serve as “brick mortars” to those they so deeply care for.  Where it not for them, I truly think we would find ourselves off the axis that keeps us spinning.

Dominique is one of the many amazing ladies/friends/mothers that I say are my “sisters” ! We all have them thankfully, I mean, what would we do without them? And while I have a hands-down real sister, Aurora, who takes my breath away as does her beautiful family…sometimes it’s the conversation of a best-friend laying next to you for hours, trying to put a spin on your life that only she is able to see and thus opening the doors to a new reality.

Dom has given me so much emotional support through the years. She is now on her second year giving back to my fight against breast cancer and to the millions of women that have been touched the same way I have been. She is putting herself out there in order to help others, and I find that pretty spectacular!

I promised Dom, whom I’ve known at least 11 years, that I would send a message, with the clear understanding that financially many of us are under the gun. Anything you feel you can donate is going to help on many levels. If you cannot donate any money, please do NOT feel that you have failed me, or Dom.

My hope and prayer is that a pink ribbon will someday never symbolize what it means to me – and I know that may sounds selfish, but as simple and as “marketable” as it has become, it’s a sign of a disease that seems to be only spreading ever more rapidly.

Last year, I saw a sea of women in pink. Dom took the time to fly out to San Francisco from Los Angeles with her husband and two toddlers in tow.  She then completed a 26 mile walk with my name on her back.

My wish is that I could go back to July 2010! I met her at the end of the night at the hotel and she was exhausted – but sipping her wine and in good spirits. Her husband was next to her and her beautiful two children eating hotel burgers that I know cost a fortune! I looked at her, and saw how she represented a flower in the wind, never snapping as it beautifully faces adversity.  Who would have thought, she would do it again, and I would be further down my journey. You just never know what a year will do. But I’m still here! Fighting, and in July of 2011, she will be too – 39 miles this time around!

Good health and Love to all my sisters – women – mothers – “mortar”


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