Shopping local and independent sounds nice, but we Americans like to save a buck. We like convenience. And, judging from the proliferation of big box chains, we like consistency. 

So why go out of our way to ‘shop-local-first’? It goes like this : when you spend your dollars at an independent, local business, you keep more money in your hometown—supporting your community’s social services, schools, your public library and local non-profits. How so? Locally-owned businesses return about 80% of each dollar to their community. And each dollar spent at a local business will return up to five times that amount within your community through city taxes, employees’ wages, and purchases of materials, supplies and services at other independent businesses.

Chains and franchises, on the other hand, contribute roughly 40%, and as little as 20% of sales back to your community. And many big boxes, such as Walmart or Home Depot, are given tax-incentives by local governments—costing you far more than the discounted price you think you’re paying.

Buy Local & Shop Local !

Come visit a Diablo Flooring Showroom to see many Quality products.

Pleasanton Showroom  (925)426-RUGS

5600-D Sunol Blvd Pleasanton,CA 94566


Danville Showroom (925)314-WOOD     ( Opening November 25, 2011 )

112 W. Linda Mesa Ave  Danville,CA 94596


Walnut Creek Showroom (925)988-WOOD

1813 Mt Diablo Blvd Walnut Creek,CA 94596




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