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Lauzon is renowned for being a manufacturer of some of the finest quality hardwood floors available in North America. Featuring cutting edge products and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes, they are truly a leader in the field of high grade hardwood flooring. Lauzon hardwood floors come standard with their exclusive Polynium+ Titanium Traffic finish, ensuring that these floors will last for years of daily use. This finish provides an exceptionally clear surface that is incredibly resilient, all while preserving the wood’s vibrant natural beauty.

The available hardwood flooring collections by Lauzon include such lines as Line Art, an artistic series of contemporary wooden flooring that is perfect for urban applications, and the International Next Step series, a collection that features various foreign wood species, providing an exotic feel wherever applied. There is nothing rustic about these hardwood floors; Featuring sleek modern finishes, they are perfect for contemporary homes and urban spaces, creating an inviting, warm atmosphere that is suitable for a multitude of styles.

To offer a more traditional option, the Country and Antique collections of Lauzon hardwood flooring have been developed. Country offers a sense of classic sophistication that works well with either modern or classical décor, and Antique features wooden floors designed to appear worn, that can either complete an antique design scheme, or contrast a modern, artistic space perfectly. Lauzon hardwood floors are an excellent way to enhance any space with the sophistication and elegance that a true wooden floor can provide, with innovative finishes and stunning contemporary designs that are a beautiful asset to any home.

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