Parents know all about being neutral.  Whether it’s in a petty argument between siblings or picking the right carpet tone, neutral is usually a good route to take.  While neither situation is easy, you at least have a fighting chance when it comes to your carpet.

 Here are some tips for choosing the right neutral carpet tone for your home.


When choosing between a darker or lighter color, factor in the size of your room.  It is recommended that you use a lighter carpet in a smaller room, so that the room appears larger.  In a large room, a darker color will bring a “cozier” appearance.


By having an outstanding carpet-furniture color combination, you can turn your living space into something very special.  Always try to use contrasting colors, and try out your experimentation on a color-wheel. A color-wheel will help you compare colors according to the visual light spectrum.


Everyone enjoys natural sunlight, but it’s important to know when there’s enough.  In a room with a lot of healthy sunlight, use a slightly darker toned carpet to help balance out the room while maintaining the bright atmosphere everyone loves.

 Be Decisive

You’re going with a neutral color, because neutral colors are elegant, simple, and won’t detract from the rest of your home.  So don’t fret over the slight variations—leave that up to your consultant!

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