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We have 3 Locations in Northern California / Bay Area  – Pleasanton CA – Danville CA – Walnut Creek CA


Shaw Contract Group is a global design leader, manufacturing high performance cradle-to-cradle flooring products ideal for any commercial environment.

Products and Services

  • Carpet Tile: 24” x 24”, 18” x 36” and hexagonal tiles backed with our proprietary cradle to cradle backing Ecoworx provide you with the flexibility of shapes to create environments that not only perform at a high level but are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Broadloom Carpet: Available in standard performance Classicback and high performance Tekloc and Ecoworx Performance Broadloom backings, our broadloom styles can stand alone or coordinate with our tiles.
  • Resilient: Durable style is available in Sheet Vinyl, LVT and Plank offerings from Shaw Commercial Hard Surfaces.


Carpet Styles

Shaw Contract Group Broadloom
5A141 Navigate UPAT
5A034 Palu SY
60687 Pebble EPBL
5A104 Perspective UPAT
5A025 Peto II
60598 Portland UPAT
60736 Profile EPBL
50881 Ripple
60732 Scatter EPBL
50521 Scepter II
60514 Scholar II
5A162 Sewn EPBL
5A163 Shibori EBL
5A156 Shift EBL
60682 Simple Elegance EPBL
5A167 The Creative Upat
5A166 The Socialite UPAT
5A151 Tint
5A152 Tone
60749 Trellis EPBL
60710 Tribute EPBL
60748 Twine EPBL
50515 Utopian
60742 Verve EPBL
60738 Vestige EPBL
60743 Vitae EPBL
5A160 Weft EBL
60745 Welcome II BL
60709 Wisdom EPBL
60753 Zeal Ultraloc

Patcraft Broadloom
I0104 Best Foot Forward BL
I0165 Big Splash EPBL
I0164 Big Splash!
Z6510 Carlo
I0132 Cloisonne II
Z6403 Consider This
I0277 Cosmic EPBL
Z6398 Dash
I0037 Double Exposure
Z6400 Drive
I0061 Duality
I0078 Duet
I0077 Duplicity
Z6473 Dwell
Z6399 Energy
I0269 Enrich EPBL
I0327 Entice EPBL
I0147 Famous Last Words II
I0339 Follow Through
I0278 Formula EPBL

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