Homeowners who are considering replacing their flooring in 2017 can find some inspiration in the trends that are projected to be popular. The experts at Diablo Flooring share their top five favorite trends to add to your home in 2017!

Integrating Flooring Bases With Their Coverings
While some homes might have carpet flooring throughout the entire space, chances are that there are at least a few rooms or areas that are not covered in carpet. Marrying the base material — whether that is laminate, hardwood, concrete, or something else — with the right carpeting develops a highly functional, dynamic, and flexible experience. This allows for a flow throughout the entire house.

The Look of Hand Woven Materials Are In
Materials, such as carpet and decorative rugs that are hand woven provide a unique way to add creativity and personality to a room. Of course, it is not required that these materials be hand made. They only need to have that appearance.

Sustainable Materials Lead the Way
The infusion of recycled and sustainable materials into floor coverings such as carpets is the latest step toward an eco-friendly home. Not only are these products better for the environment, today they are available in a staggering array of colors and styles that are designed to satisfy everyone’s style. Carpets made from sisal, jutes, and seagrass are some eco-friendly options to pick from.

Patterns Charge Ahead
For 2017, the beige tones of wall-to-wall carpeting that many people grew up with are being replaced by bold and vibrant patterns. From strong vertical lines in shades of pink, black, and white to diagonals and geometric shapes, expect to see boring, monotone carpet passed over for patterns that enliven and energize a room.

The Details Win
Regardless of which route you take when it comes to your flooring this year, paying particular attention to the details and accents within it can help pull the look of a room together more effectively. Try a carpet with a subtle pattern or texture. These small details can really make a difference!

Which of the above trends excites you the most when you think of the possibilities that await you this year? Don’t feel like you have to chose just one. Feel free to take elements from several trends and use them to suit your own style. If you’re ready to talk about new carpet or flooring, give the experts at Diablo Flooring a call today to schedule your free in-home design consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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