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The truth about carpet prices — The only price that matters is the total you finally pay. Shopping for carpet can be a daunting task. Some big box stores will price all items ala carte – a separate taxable price for each line item requested, such as existing carpet removal, moving furniture, measuring and delivery, pad, etc. This method is often confusing by making the customer concentrate on line item costs instead of the grand total cost. “Free labor” or “free pad” are selling gimmicks.  Do you really think these items are free? Their costs are simply hidden in other line items costs such as the carpet or pad. Remember, what the big print gives, the fine print takes away. At Diablo Flooring, instead of selling goods and services on a per line basis, we quote prices on an “installed” basis. While this pricing may appear to be higher, this method will “include” related sundries, supplies, and services required to complete your job that others will add on as an additional charge. Our method is normally easier and less expensive for the consumer. Price is important, but you are also shopping for someone you can trust to treat you fairly and will get your job completed to your satisfaction.

Remember,  There is only one price that matters – the final total you pay.  How this number is arrived at in a comparison of store prices is relatively confusing and unimportant.


Cut Pile – Loops created in weaving are trimmed to the same heighth and allowed to tuft, giving the carpet a dense, soft appearance. Cut pile carpet represents the largest share of residential carpet purchases and comes in (4) primary sub-categories;

SAXONY – This style is probably what you think of when you visualize carpet – solid colored strands standing upright like a freshly mown yard. It is thick and soft and shows footprints and vacuum lines. Most people grew up with this type carpet in their homes. However, today we know that Saxony tends to wear quicker than some other styles. Therefore, it might work better in more formal, less traffic areas.

TEXTURED – This style won’t give you that freshly mown look because it is twisted differently than Saxony and steamed to create a permanent curl. This product is “trackless” and reduces light reflectivity so it won’t show footprints. Considered “casual”, it will show less wear and tear than other styles.

FRIEZE – This cut pile offers a tighter twist than the textured style. The yarn actually curls over, creating a very durable and elegant product that hides footprints and vacuum lines. Resembling “shag”, but made much more durable with yarn quality and twist.

CABLE – Constructed of longer yarn than other cut piles, Cable is beautiful, comfortable, and very luxurious. It can crush and matte with heavy foot traffic, so we don’t recommend Cable for very busy areas of your home.

CUT & LOOP – This combination of cut pile and loop pile provides some very interesting patterns that result from the variation in surface textures and heights. Sometimes called “sculptured” carpets, this very popular style is great at hiding foot traffic and wear, is elegant in appearance, and offers a wide range of surface finishes.

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