We are excited to announce the launch of 5 beautiful new collections

These new collections include rift & quartered cuts, ultra matte finishes, sliced veneers that look like sawn at a price point that competes with rotary peeled products and more!


*COMING SOON* CORONA COLLECTION – 1/2″ x 5″ x RL (12-71″) – 2mm Wear Layer
Hickory Natural REW125CRH
Red Oak Natural REW125CRRO
White Oak Natural REW125CRWO
Maple Natural REW125CRM
Walnut Natural REW125CRW
Maple Brighton REW125CRMB
White Oak Cameo

*COMING SOON* COSTA – 5/8″ x 7-1/2″ x RL (23 – 75″) – 4mm Wear Layer
Euro Oak Vasto REW5875COVS
Euro Oak Capri REW5875COCP
Euro Oak Levanto REW5875COLV
Euro Oak Conero REW5875COCN
Euro Oak Testa REW5875COTS
Euro Oak Nicola REW5875CONC

Modern resort hotel interior bedroom with blurred ocean background. 3d rendering.

*COMING SOON* ELEVATE – 9/16″ x 5″ x RL (12″ – 84″) – 3mm Wear Layer
R&Q White Oak Natural REW9165CLRQWON
R&Q White Oak Everest REW9165CLRQWOE
R&Q Walnut Natural REW9165CLRQWNM
R&Q Walnut Makalu REW9165CLRQWNB

*COMING SOON* ETERNITY – 3/8″ x 3″ OR 5″ x RL (12″ – 48″) – 1.2mm Wear Layer
Maple Natural 3″ REW383ETM
Red Oak Natural 3″ REW383ETRO
Maple Natural 5″ REW385ETM
Red Oak Natural 5″ REW385ETRO
White Oak Natural 5″ REW385ETWO
Hickory Tidewater 5″ REW385ETHT
Maple Storm 5″ REW385ETMS
White Oak Cirrus 5″ REW385ETWOC

*COMING SOON* FLAGSTONE – 1/2″ x RW x RL (15 – 71″) – 2mm Wear Layer
Euro Oak Mason REW12246FOMS
Euro Oak Marble REW12246FOMB
Euro Oak Tavern REW12246FOTV
Euro Oak Steeple REW12246FOST
Euro Oak Chimney REW12246FOCH
Hickory Farmstead REW12246FHFS
Walnut Natural REW12246FWN

*COMING SOON* MODERNA – 1/2″ x 6.5″ x RL (16″ – 71″) – 2mm Wear Layer
Oak Senato REW1265MOSN
Oak Giordano REW1265MOGR
Oak Marino REW1265MOMR
Oak Scala REW1265MOSC
Oak Andrea REW1265MOAD

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