The African Plains hardwood floor collection delivers an exotic cracked, hand scraped, and hand distressed style, and made from sustainable wood products. Style: Cracked, Hand Scraped, Hand Stained, Distressed, from Sustainable Wood Products Specie Hevea Avail. Finish: Polyurethane Width: 5″ Length: 43.3″ Thickness: 9/16 Installation: Glue Down, Staple or Float Residential Warranty: 25 Year Finish, Lifetime Construction.
 Provenza African Plains African Plains Raffia 592 African Plains Congo 590 African Plains Congo 590 African Plains Sahara Sun 593 African Plains Zanzibar 591
              Black River
         Sahara Sun


Provenza Classico Collection is a unique floor with a subtle hand scrape, french bleed edge, finished with rich warm tones that capture the natural beauty and distinction in the wood. Style Mild Hand Scraped, Hand Stained Avail.  Specie Mahogany Finish Polyurethane  Construction 3 Ply Engineered  Width 5.5″  Length Random up to 6′  Thickness 9/16″  Installation Glue down, Staple, Float Residential Warranty Lifetime Construction, 25 Year Wear

Provenza Classico
Provenza Classico Royal Ruby 872 Provenza Classico Tiger’s Eye 772 Provenza Classico Gold Dust 672 Provenza Classico Midnight Onyx 072 Provenza Classico Crown Garnet 972
           Crown Garnet
             Gold Dust
           Tiger’s Ege
         Royal Ruby
     Midnight Onyx


Provenza Metallics Hardwood Collection, soft brushed and metal enhanced with ribbons of color woven through the grain of these wood floors. Understated yet unforgettable! Specie Hickory  Style Soft Brushed, Metal Enhanced Avail.  Finish UV Ceramic  Construction 8 Ply Engineered  Width 6″  Length Random up to 6′  Thickness 1/2″  Installation Glue Down, Staple or Float Residential Warranty Lifetime

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