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We are very excited to launch two new additions to our engineered flooring line.

Wexford Kiln-Aged Collection – a new carbonized collection within its engineered wood flooring line. The new collection uses a heat-treating technique to produce a unique color variation and uncover the natural grain patterns of the wood. Carbonization naturally retains the structural value of the wood with a multi-step approach, while creating a rich and natural look that is unmatched. Offering five upscale products, the addition of Wexford Kiln-Aged will distinguish Mullican Flooring from its competitors within the market.

Mount Castle Collection – available in both herringbone and wide-plank options. The herringbone products will be sold in 3.5- and 5-inch widths, and the wide-plank products will be offered in 7.44- and 9.45-inch widths. Available in white oak and walnut, Mount Castle is known for its hand-sculpted, wire-brushed, and whitewash finishes.

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