A Natural Look That Lasts !!

Why Choose Mohawk Laminate?

The Look & Feel of Hardwood

With realistic surface texture and unmatched visual emulation of hardwood, GenuEdge™ Technology is the new standard in laminate.

Durability You Can Count On

The ultimate in surface defense, ScratchGuard™ Advanced Finish Protection resists scratches and dulling to keep your floor looking newer, longer.

Mohawk Laminate Flooring with Uniclic technology offers simple DIY installation and outstanding colors and designs – a prefect combination!

Uniclic locking provides two methods to lock the flooring panels together – angling and snapping. This fact makes Uniclic one of the easiest locking mechanisms for do-it-yourself flooring installation. There is no reason to spend money on flooring contractors when you can do it yourself for less!

Mohawk’s laminate flooring selection encompasses the latest interior design color trends with an emphasis on North American styling. Plus Mohawk employs various techniques like GenuEdge and register embossing for laminate flooring that is ultra-realistic.

Because Mohawk laminate flooring is Made In USA and is NALFA certified, it complies with formaldehyde emissions regulations for laminate flooring core board set forth by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and  is comprised of recycled content that may contribute points to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards for homes and businesses!



Product SKU
Mohawk Artfully Designed Aged Cabin CDL37-04
Mohawk Artfully Designed English Biscotti CDL37-01
Mohawk Artfully Designed Grey Castle CDL37-03
Mohawk Artfully Designed Misty Barn CDL37-02
Mohawk Barchester Ebony MHK-CDL2708
Mohawk Barchester Golden Chardonnay Oak MHK-CDL2702
Mohawk Barchester Gunstock Oak MHK-CDL2706
Mohawk Barchester Harvest Oak MHK-CDL2703
Mohawk Barchester Natural Teak MHK-CDL2701
Mohawk Barrington Barnwood Oak MHK-CDL2504
Mohawk Barrington Bourbon Hickory MHK-CDL2506
Mohawk Barrington Country Natural Hickory MHK-CDL2501
Mohawk Barrington Country Natural Oak MHK-CDL2502
Mohawk Barrington Gingerbread Chestnut MHK-CDL2508
Mohawk Barrington Nutmeg Chestnut MHK-CDL2510
Mohawk Barrington Rustic Suede Hickory MHK-CDL2503
Mohawk Barrington Southern Autumn Hickory MHK-CDL2505
Mohawk Barrington Toasted Chestnut MHK-CDL2509
Mohawk Barrington Vintage Saddle Oak MHK-CDL2507
Mohawk Bellingham Amber Walnut MHK-CDL1212
Mohawk Bellingham Warmed Maple MHK-CDL1202
Mohawk Boardwalk Collective Beachwood CDL77-02
Mohawk Boardwalk Collective Boathouse Brown CDL77-04
Mohawk Boardwalk Collective Graphite CDL77-06
Mohawk Boardwalk Collective Gulf Sand CDL77-05
Mohawk Boardwalk Collective Sand Dune CDL77-01
Mohawk Boardwalk Collective Silver Shadow CDL77-03
Mohawk Carrolton Aged Bark Oak MHK-CDL1693
Mohawk Carrolton Amber Walnut MHK-CDL1612
Mohawk Carrolton Antique Barn Plank MHK-CDL1631
Mohawk Carrolton Antique Cream Pine MHK-CDL1692
Mohawk Carrolton Burnished Oak MHK-CDL1632
Mohawk Carrolton Caramel Spalted Maple MHK-CDL1691
Mohawk Carrolton Ebony Oak MHK-CDL1608
Mohawk Carrolton Golden Chardonnay Oak MHK-CDL1604
Mohawk Carrolton Grey Flannel Oak MHK-CDL1698
Mohawk Carrolton Ground Nutmeg Hickory MHK-CDL1697
Mohawk Carrolton Gunstock Oak MHK-CDL1606
Mohawk Carrolton Harvest Oak MHK-CDL1603
Mohawk Carrolton Hickory Shadow MHK-CDL1609
Mohawk Carrolton Honey Caramel Hickory MHK-CDL1695
Mohawk Carrolton Natural Maple Strip MHK-CDL1640
Mohawk Carrolton Natural Teak MHK-CDL1601
Mohawk Carrolton Toasted Butternut MHK-CDL1699
Mohawk Carrolton Warmed Maple MHK-CDL1602
Mohawk Carrolton Wheat Oak MHK-CDL1610
Mohawk Celebration Blonde Acacia MHK-CDL1101
Mohawk Celebration Café Chic Plank MHK-CDL1111
Mohawk Celebration Chocolate Truffle Plank MHK-CDL1112
Mohawk Celebration Cognac Merbau MHK-CDL1106
Mohawk Celebration Golden Harvest Oak MHK-CDL1115
Mohawk Celebration Honey Nut Oak Plank MHK-CDL1110
Mohawk Celebration Pearl Platinum Oak MHK-CDL1114
Mohawk Celebration Vineyard Acacia MHK-CDL1104
Mohawk Celebration Warm Autumn Oak MHK-CDL1116
Mohawk Chalet Vista Barnhouse Oak (Multi-Width) CDL73-01
Mohawk Chalet Vista Beachwood Cream Oak CDL73-09
Mohawk Chalet Vista Canyon Echo Oak (Multi-Width) CDL73-02
Mohawk Chalet Vista Cheyenne Rock Oak CDL73-05
Mohawk Chalet Vista Chocolate Glazed Maple CDL73-06
Mohawk Chalet Vista Honeytone Oak CDL73-03
Mohawk Chalet Vista Midday Mocha Oak CDL73-04
Mohawk Chalet Vista White Weathered Pine CDL73-08
Mohawk Festivalle American Cherry MHK-CDL1001
Mohawk Festivalle Burnished Brown Oak MHK-CDL1011
Mohawk Festivalle Butterscotch Oak MHK-CDL1004
Mohawk Festivalle Cambridge Oak MHK-CDL1010
Mohawk Festivalle Golden Blonde Oak MHK-CDL1013
Mohawk Festivalle Honey Oak Plank MHK-CDL1007
Mohawk Festivalle Northern Maple MHK-CDL1003
Mohawk Festivalle Plus American Cherry MHK-CDL1701
Mohawk Festivalle Plus Butterscotch Oak MHK-CDL1704
Mohawk Festivalle Plus Honey Oak MHK-CDL1707
Mohawk Festivalle Plus Natural Oak MHK-CDL1709
Mohawk Festivalle Plus Northern Maple MHK-CDL1703
Mohawk Festivalle Plus Sunset American Cherry MHK-CDL1706
Mohawk Festivalle Sunset American Cherry MHK-CDL1006
Mohawk Festivalle Tuscany Oak MHK-CDL1012
Mohawk Havermill Havana Hickory MHK-CDL7215
Mohawk Havermill Honey Blonde Maple MHK-CDL7214
Mohawk Havermill Smokey Oak MHK-CDL7211
Mohawk Havermill Soft Copper Oak MHK-CDL7212
Mohawk Havermill Stonewood MHK-CDL7213
Mohawk Havermill Antique Leather Maple MHK-CDL7201
Mohawk Havermill Butter Cream Hickory MHK-CDL7205
Mohawk Havermill Crisp Autumn Oak MHK-CDL7210
Mohawk Havermill Latte Sawn Oak MHK-CDL7203
Mohawk Havermill Sunbeam Acacia MHK-CDL7204
Mohawk Havermill Sunburst Walnut MHK-CDL7207
Mohawk Marcina Amber Oak Plank MHK-CDL1992
Mohawk Marcina Bourbon Pecan Plank MHK-CDL1991
Mohawk Marcina Chocolate Maple MHK-CDL1904
Mohawk Marcina Harvest Sun Oak Plank MHK-CDL1993
Mohawk Marcina Natural Pecan Plank MHK-CDL1990
Mohawk Marcina Smokehouse Oak Plank MHK-CDL1995
Mohawk Marcina Warm Cherry MHK-CDL1902
Mohawk Marcina Warm Cider Oak Plank MHK-CDL1994
Mohawk Painted Reserve Fresh Cream CDL30-04
Mohawk Painted Reserve Grey Slate CDL30-02
Mohawk Painted Reserve Kaffee Brown CDL30-01
Mohawk Painted Reserve Soft Graphite CDL30-03
Mohawk Rare Vintage Cedar Chestnut CDL7402
Mohawk Rare Vintage Driftwood Oak CDL74-06
Mohawk Rare Vintage Earthen Chestnut CDL74-04
Mohawk Rare Vintage Fawn Chestnut CDL74-01
Mohawk Rare Vintage Knotted Chestnut CDL74-03
Mohawk Rare Vintage Sandcastle Oak CDL74-05
Mohawk Reclaimed Chic Golden Honey CDL3102
Mohawk Reclaimed Chic Grey Shadow CDL3101
Mohawk Reclaimed Chic Silver Ivory CDL3103
Mohawk Refined Artistry Painted Timber CDL2901
Mohawk Refined Artistry Silver Dollar CDL2903
Mohawk Refined Artistry Weathered Grey CDL2902
Mohawk Somerton II Amaretto Hickory MHKEXL05-03
Mohawk Somerton II Chocolate Oak MHKEXL05-08
Mohawk Somerton II Horsetail Oak MHKEXL05-04
Mohawk Somerton II Jatoba MHKEXL05-01
Mohawk Somerton II Rustic Barn Hickory MHKEXL05-02
Mohawk Somerton II Tobacco Rosewood MHKEXL05-05
Mohawk Somerton II Toffee Oak MHKEXL05-07
Mohawk Somerton II Whiskey Oak MHKEXL05-06
Mohawk Wooded Escape Fresh Bark CDL32-02
Mohawk Wooded Escape Rustic Brown CDL32-03
Mohawk Wooded Escape Tuscan Earth CDL32-01

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