Diablo Flooring, Inc in Pleasanton CA – Danville CA – Walnut Creek & San Francisco Bay Area is the retailer for Hallmark Hardwood.  Hallmark has a new Hallmark Hardwood flooring product called Alta Vista.

The Alta Vista Collection from Hallmark Hardwoods is finished with NuOil® which employs a revolutionary new technology. The finish has unique performance characteristics and durability that make it a great choice for someone who wants the visual character that only oil can provide. Oil finishes have been used for centuries on floors and furniture. NuOil® uses proprietary technology in the application of numerous coats of oil finish in the factory that make it the industry leader in wearability and stain resistance in oil finish.

Due to the unique hybrid multi-coat technology of NuOil®, it is not necessary to apply an additional coat of oil at time of installation. That can be reserved for a later date when it becomes desirable to refresh and renovate the floor.

Why Hallmark

Features French White Oak and true North American Walnut from the  Appalachian region, prized for its superior quality and smooth, tight graining characteristics. The plank faces are hand crafted and factory  finished in a warm array of natural and rich colors.

7.5” inch-wide planks with longer random lengths up to 6’2” feet create expansive and timeless visuals.

Here are the thumbnails for Alta Vista Hardwood Flooring Collection. Contact us for more information.


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