Do you work for free? I am guessing your answer is no. So what makes you believe that when a carpet store advertises free installation of their carpet it is really free? The plain and simple truth is that no one works for free. Not the window installer, the siding installer or the flooring installer.

Unfortunately, deceptive advertising runs rampant in the flooring business. Everyday we are bombarded with ads offering two rooms for the price of one. Buy one room and get two rooms free. Buy two rooms and get the rest of the house carpeted free. Whole house free installation with carpet purchase. Free pad with your carpet purchase. Free financing for 12 months.

The truth is in the bottom line. An educated customer will take the time to compare apples to apples. He or she will not only compare the quality of the carpet but the quality of the pad. He or she will want to know how many square feet they are buying to cover the area and where the seams are going to be. They will want to know what furniture they need to move or what the cost is to have the installers move it. They will want to know if the installation carries a warranty and if the installers are certified or licensed.

It really makes no difference if the square foot price is less if the bottom line is more. The customer who gets free installation is paying more if the amount of material sold is more than what was really needed. Finally one should ask do I really want free installation or do I want a professional who is paid like a professional to install the carpet in my home.

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