Taking care of your carpet is extremely important if you want it to maintain its look, and feel. There are two things that make you carpet look bad. First is general wear and tear. The second is dirt, grime, food stains, etc. If you want your carpets to look great it is important to avoid both of these carpet destroyers.

To control wear and tear remember less use means longer life. How can you use your carpet less? Place rugs in high traffic areas before, they have traffic lanes. Runner rugs can save the hallway, which inevitably gets the most wear. Remove your shoes your shoes are much more abrasive than slipper or socks. Which will wear your carpet out. Shoes also often carry dirt and debris that get tracked onto the carpet. Dirt and sand will act as sand paper and wear down the carpet fibers. Leave your shoes at the door and you carpet will thank you. Vacuum, this is extremely important. When you get your carpets cleaned make sure the home has been vacuumed because it gets up about 70% of the dirt and grime. Vacuum often before the dirt can sink deep into the carpet. When you vacuum it will slow the wear because the carpet fibers are not being ground by dirt and sand.

As mentioned before taking off your shoes will cut down on the amount of dirt and other grime transferred to your carpet. Place rugs where the carpet meets hard surfaces such as tile, linoleum and hard wood floors. I have watched my kids walk though the kitchen step in some milk and continue on into the living room drying their feet on the carpet. For stains, clean it up immediately; don’t wait for it to set. As soon as you see the spill or stain, first dab up what you can with a dry rag. Then get a damp rag and clean up the stain. Then dab up the stain with a dry rag, repeat until the stain has been removed. An alternate is to use a wet dry vac and some warm water to clean up the stain. If the stain is blood or a protein type stain, use cold water instead of warm water.

The carpet cleaner should come about every six months; depending on the vigilance and upkeep you give your home.It always amazes me how much dirt grime and goop is trapped in carpet. Carpet cleaners have special formulas and chemicals to leave you carpet clean.

So keep your carpet looking great all year long !

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