Chene by Urban Floor is a collection of european oak hardwood flooring. Wire brushed by hand, this wide plank engineered hardwood flooring collection will transform your living quarters into a luxury villa. 7 Colors to choice from…

Lambrusco UC-630-LAM

Embodying the rich, exotic flavor of imported French wine, The European engineered Flooring Oak Lambrusco offers light, creamy hues and a distinguished sense of style, investing your home decor with classic European charm. Each extra long, 7.5″ wide plank is meticulously wire-brushed, creating hardwood floors that are totally unique in texture and color.

Chianti UC-632-CHI

Oak Chianti provides stunning, midnight-hued planks that are perfect for areas of high contrast. These beautiful European Engineered hardwood planks are 7.5″ wide and extra-long, creating a spacious sanctuary you will proud to call home. Each is wire-brushed by hand and coated with layers of premium finish for a scratch-resistant surface that is easy to maintain and care for.

Shiraz UC-633-SHI

Oak Shiraz offers an elegant light-brown hues of old world vineyards, assembling an ambiance that stands the test of time. Each extra-long and wide 7.5″ European engineered wood flooring plank is artfully wire-brushed to perfection and then submitted to a vigorous multi-layer finishing process that ensure your floors will be as durable as they are attractive.

Riesling UC-634-RIE

The luminous, ivory planks of Riesling are named for the highly perfumed variety of white grapes used to make sweet, sparkling wine. These wide, extra-long European engineered hardwood wood flooring planks are both exquisite and practical, a marriage of the best of two worlds. They are ideal for high-traffic households, easy to clean and maintain, and they tend to maximize any room by creating a sense of comfort and spaciousness.

Malbec UC-635-MAL

Malbec wines are treasured for their intensity and brilliant, amethyst hues. And mirroring their ability to blend well with different elements, our smoky, plum-brown Malbec planks are the perfect way to add character and spice to any room in your home without disturbing the overall style of your existing decor. Each genuine European oak Malbec plank is wire-brushed to bring out its eye-catching idiosyncrasies and subtle nuances of texture.

Grigio UC-636-GRI

Oak Grigio’s delicate, sandy 7.5″ planks speak simplicity and sunshine, lighting up your home and transforming your space into an interior paradise. Each extra-wide, extra-long engineered European Oak Grigio plank is hand-brushed to reveal its innate beauty and distinctive texture, treating the eye to a feast all its own.

Our soft-sell approach is to listen to your objectives and help you make the best carpet and flooring choices. Let your creativity and personal preferences guide you. Take samples of your favorites to show your family or your client in their intended environment. Take your time. Diablo Flooring,Inc will provide you with as much support as you need throughout the process, so bring your excitement and enthusiasm; we know you’ll be thrilled with the end result.


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