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Shaw Hardwoods with new and improved ScufResist® Platinum resist scuffs up to 6X better than the competition! When life is tough, Shaw’s ScufResist PLATINUM finish is tougher. So you can relax and let life happen on our hardwood floors.

Shaw’s new hardwood finish is designed to help resist household scuffing on hardwood floors. Though durable, over time all hardwood floors scuff – it’s part of their charm – but our patented finish keeps your floor looking younger longer. So you can live on it.

We give you confidence with floors that offer more:


Test results achieved with a heavy duty scouring pad under 10 lbs of pressure. Each scouring pad changed after 100 strokes.

“We give you permission to live on your hardwood floors.”

Products featuring ScufResist PLATINUM are extremely wear-resistant, with a UV-cured polyurethane finish with aluminum oxide. ScufResist PLATINUM offers up to a Limited Lifetime Wear Warranty which, in effect, says, “Go ahead and live on your Shaw hardwood floors.”


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