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Royalty is the only privately owned West Coast carpet manufacturer vertically integrated throughout the manufacturing process, and is now the first woman owned carpet manufacturer. Andrea’s fashion, style and color expertise has influenced the company’s success and her leadership is expected to continue the trend. Royalty also holds three wholly-owned subsidiaries – PacifiCrest Mills, Camelot Carpet Mills and Moda LLC.
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Saxony carpets (also referred to as “plush”) are very traditional and create a formal, elegant atmosphere. The velvety finish of these products is very luxurious, and the shading created by the light hitting the fibers differently is highly sought-after by those who love this look. Saxony carpets show footprints and vacuum marks more than any other carpet style.


In a textured product, the yarn is twisted tightly during the heat-setting process to create a finished carpet with a relaxed, casual appearance. Textured carpets do a much better job of hiding footprints and vacuum marks than Saxony carpets, and are very popular in today’s active homes.


Pronounced frih-zay’, this carpet is the ultimate in informal style, and is very forgiving in high traffic homes. The yarn is twisted so tightly that it curls over itself at the ends. This results in a nubby appearance, which is what makes the carpet ideal for hiding footprints and vacuum marks. Frieze construction is also excellent for reducing the appearance of seams.


The yarn used in cable styles is usually longer and thicker than that of any of its counterparts. Cable carpets feel very comfortable underfoot, their casual appearance is extremely inviting and they are best suited for low to medium traffic areas.


Sometimes referred to as “berber”, loop products can either boast a random or patterned appearance. Loop styles are extremely durable, and are available in either solid colors, with berber flecks, or in multi-colored patterns. These styles are excellent for hiding traffic patterns in hallways and throughways, however, they can make seams more visible.

Cut and Loop

Patterned styles use a cut pile and loop pile combination to create a variety of pattern effects. The patterns can be very small, such as a pin-dot appearance, or they can be very large scroll, floral and geometric patterns. The larger the pattern, the more carpet needs to be purchased to allow for the pattern to be matched at the seams. Cut and loop styles are first-rate performers, and handle high traffic well in active of households.

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