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Diablo Flooring, Inc – Mohawk Hardwood Retailer

Mohawk’s Artiquity WLM04 hardwood flooring is a new floating engineered hardwood floor which features a pleasing reclaimed look. Artiquity WLM04 boats a beautiful soft wire-brushed surface texture in eight oak colors.

The planks are 7.5-INCH wide by 72-INCH long. This creates a big and bold impact in any room. This large format long strip look is very complimentary to larger rooms or rooms with high ceilings.

The color line includes four dark oak colors – Cobblestone Oak, Barnwood Oak, Cappuccino Oak and Riverbend Oak. These dark oak colors can make big rooms look smaller and feel more cozy. The four lighter colors include Medieval Oak a, beautiful and unique oak stain with a hint of gray. Arctic White Oak features a dramatic and trendy white wash effect. Caramel Oak and Drawbridge Oak both accentuate the natural colors and grain of Oak.

Artiquity WLM04 has an impressive 3mm Dry-Sawn face layer which preserves and enhances the original grain and definition of the hardwood.

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